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Classroom Norms


Classroom Norms

Classroom norms help us do our best work and meet our learning goals.

Discuss the following with your classmates.

  • What do you need in order to do your best work?
  • What ways can you work with your classmates to make the class an effective group?
  • What norms, or rules, will allow each member of the class the opportunity to grow?

Here are ideas for classroom norms:

  • Ask questions and think creatively.
  • Talk about your ideas and questions with your classmates.
  • Use mathematics vocabulary when you talk or write about math.
  • Make connections between what you know and what you are learning.
  • If you do not know how to solve a problem, write down what you do know.
  • Think about what you are learning from a task, instead of just trying to finish it quickly.
  • Think of a mistake as a chance to learn, not as something to hide.
  • Check your work and think about what caused you to make a mistake. Learn how to correct your work.
  • Work together with your classmates so that everyone learns.