Characters Reactions

Characters Reactions

Act 5, Scene 1 Quick Write


Before you discuss with your teacher and class any questions you have, complete a Quick Write in response to what you read in act 5, scene 1.

  • What finally convinces Claudio that he was wrong about Hero?
  • What does it say about him that he needed this kind of proof and wasn’t able to take Beatrice and Hero’s word, as Benedick did?
  • What do you think will happen in what remains of the play?

Open Notebook

When you’ve finished, share your thoughts with a partner.

Act 5, Scene 1 Class Check-In

Work Time

Share your thoughts and questions with the class to clear up any questions you have about act 5, scene 1.

  • Be sure to address both the questions you wrote down while you were reading and the responses you and your partner had to the questions in the previous task.
  • When the discussion is finished, return to your Much Ado About Nothing Character Chart and add to it or change what you have already written in it.

Act 5, Scene 2 Read Aloud

Work Time

With a small group, read act 5, scene 2. There are four parts in this scene: Benedick, Margaret, Beatrice, and Ursula.

  • Assign parts within your group. You might give one part to each person.
  • Another possibility is to take turns, changing readers on each page. Maybe your group has one or two able readers who can read for your group.
  • Pause your reading after each page to discuss what happened and make sure that everyone understands.
  • Keep your voices soft so as not to bother the other groups.

Act 5, Scene 2 Comprehension

Work Time

Share with the whole class your understanding of what takes place in act 5, scene 2.

  • Be sure to ask any questions that your group still has.
  • When you’ve finished, if time remains, make entries for this scene in your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal.

Act 5, Scene 3 Read Aloud


Read act 5, scene 3 with your small group. There are just three parts this time: Claudio, Lord, and Don Pedro.

  • This is a very short scene, so if you finish early, be sure to make your entries in your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal for this scene.

Act 5, Scene 3


  • If you haven’t finished act 5, scenes 2 and 3 in class, do so for homework.
  • Make sure to take notes on what is confusing and continue working on your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal.