Required Readings: Diplomacy


Introducing the readings:

This unit's readings provide an introduction to diplomacy. The McGlinchey (2017) core reading (adapted by Katherine Michel) defines diplomacy and provides several examples of diplomacy efforts related to the regulation of nuclear weapons. This reading focuses on a traditional conception of diplomacy as state-centric and occurring behind closed doors. 

The Kelman (2014), Albert (2018), and Liu (2018) readings each enhance student's understanding of non-traditional forms of diplomacy. The Kelman (2014) piece (adapted by Katherine Michel) asks whether disaster diplomacy improves interstate relations, the interview covered in Albert (2018) considers the mixed record of sports diplomacy, and the Liu (2018) piece (adapted by Katherine Michel) examines public diplomacy in China. These readings (in combination with the additional examples of non-traditional diplomacy included in the lecture slides) aim to provide students with a broad understanding of how diplomacy works.