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Core for Supervisors Module 5

Core for Supervisors Module 5 consists of two topics:

  • Day 10* Supporting Individual and Team Development 
  • Day 11*: Ongoing Development as a Leader

*Module 4, Day 9 for counties served by the Northern Academy is an additional training that is not currently part of the statewide curriculum. This means days 9 and 10 of the statewide curriculum become days 10 and 11, respectively, for Northern counties. For a list of training sequencing specific to Northern California, please see the overview document on our main Core for Supervisors Hub page.


Day Ten: Supporting Individual and Team Development


Evaluation Materials


Classroom Materials


Virtual Classroom Activity Content (this is provided as a handout for classroom-based training)


Trainer Materials

  • Trainer Guide (Supporting Individual and Team Development v2019.12)
  • PowerPoint (Supporting Individual and Team Development v 2019.12)



Day Eleven: Ongoing Development as a Leader


Evaluation Materials (for classroom use only)


Classroom Materials


Trainer Materials


In-Class Video

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You



Additional Resources


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