Exhibit Theme Analysis

Exhibit Theme Analysis

Essay Conclusion Share


Meet with your team and take turns reading your essay conclusions aloud. As other students read, you should answer the following questions in your notes.

  • What conclusions does the writer draw in this essay?
  • With what do I agree?
  • What sounds familiar to my own argument’s conclusion?
  • With what do I disagree?
  • What parts of this conclusion are in opposition to my own argument’s conclusion?

Open Notebook

At the end of this activity, submit your argument essays to your teacher.

Exhibit Theme Development

Work Time

Still in your team grouping, discuss your notes, connecting the papers you’ve written to the exhibit you’re planning.

Use these questions to guide your discussion.

  • How do the various points made throughout the conclusions work together to form a cohesive argument?
  • What are the common points in your argument?

Open Notebook

Exhibit Artifact Gathering

Work Time

Together, review the criteria for the exhibit.

Make a list of ideas from your individual work in this unit so far that you could use in your exhibit.

Consider the questions below as you make your list.

  • Did you take a photo that might go into the exhibit?
  • Did you write an allegory that might make a good artifact?
  • Did you write anything in your notes that you can use in a placard?
  • What from your personal work is worth borrowing for your team’s exhibit?

Open Notebook

Exhibit Work Plan Update

Work Time

Revisit your plan for what each member will do during the work session in the next lesson. Consider changes you might make now that you have a clearer focus for the theme of your exhibit.

Update your work plan. Don’t forget to make sure it still covers all of these criteria.

  • Will you work together with other students? Whom?
  • What do you plan to accomplish in the work session?
  • What do you think will be the hardest element of the tasks you’re setting for yourself? Why?
  • What do you think will be the easiest element of the tasks you’re setting for yourself? Why?

Open Notebook

When you are finished, share your updated work plan with your teacher.

Article Selection and Annotation


Each member of the museum exhibit team is responsible for selecting and annotating two articles for the exhibit.

  • With the time that remains, begin the process of selecting a second article to read and annotate as part of your exhibit.

You Have a Choice
Determine how you will approach the work:

You can choose to work independently, work with a partner, work with a group, or confer with the teacher.



  • For homework, either continue working on researching and annotating or choose an aspect of your artifact or exhibit to work on.
  • Either way, write an entry in your Notebook that explains what you worked on and what your next steps are.

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