Structure of A Museum Exhibit

Group Exhibit Work

Work Time

You can use the independent work time in whatever way your group feels is best, but don’t forget that you will have to share your first artifact and its accompanying placard text with your teacher during the next lesson. Here are a few options.

  • You will have one more annotated article due in a few lessons, so you can use the Independent Research Workflow to develop your understanding of the source’s credibility and argument.
  • If you have Internet connectivity, you could explore more museum exhibits to expand your understanding of theme, hook artifacts, and storytelling techniques.
  • You could also find artifacts for your exhibit, plan your exhibit’s structure, write placards for artifacts, or engage in other activities to develop an excellent exhibit. If you haven’t spent much time on artifacts yet, you may wish to choose this option today, since one artifact and its accompanying placard text will be due in the next lesson.

Open Notebook

Regardless of what you work on, be sure to coordinate carefully with your group.