Audience Engagment

Audience Engagment

Unmasking the Maya


View the exhibit Unmasking the Maya and examine the methods the creators use to identify what’s important about Mayan culture.

For example, the exhibit is divided into several sections, each of which is designed to capture a key moment in the evolution of Mayan culture.

Navigate to the section of the exhibit entitled “The Past.” On this page, the exhibit creators have included key images and statements that attempt to show how advanced Mayan culture was in terms of its art, architecture, and science.

In your museum exhibit teams, find two or three more examples of efforts the creators made to capture and present the unique mindset of the Maya. Respond together to these questions.

  • What is the mindset of the people that is represented in this specific time and place of history?
  • What artifacts or other elements of the exhibit create an understanding of the people’s mindset?
  • What artifacts or other elements of an exhibit will you use to create an understanding of your own mindset as a Digital Native?

Open Notebook

Work Plan 4

Work Time

Before you begin work, review the principles of a good exhibit that you’ve learned so far—theme, hook, storytelling, interactivity, and capturing mindset. Consider how you will use these concepts in your exhibit.

Then take 5 minutes, look at the suggestions from the next task, and write a plan for what you will do during the work session in this lesson.

  • With whom are you going to work?
  • What will you produce?
  • How will you integrate your research into your work today?
  • How will you integrate your understanding of the principles of a strong museum exhibit into your work today?

Open Notebook

Share your plan with your teacher.

Group Exhibit Work

Work Time

Today, you have a few options for how to use your time. Choose from one of the possibilities listed.

  • Identify what’s important about your culture as a Digital Native. (Your second annotated article is due in the next lesson, and you want to be sure that you’ve captured the important perspectives and cultural elements that define your particular place in history.)
  • Consider carefully how your research is going to be integrated into your exhibit in a meaningful, engaging way.
  • Create another artifact or revise an artifact you’ve already worked on. Artifacts are, after all, the key to communicating cultural knowledge in a museum exhibit.

Exhibit Status Update 4


Before the lesson ends, assess your work for the day by answering these questions in writing.

  • Whom did you work with?
  • What did you accomplish during the work session?
  • How did you integrate your research into today’s work?
  • How did you integrate your growing knowledge of Digital Native culture into today’s work?

Share your update with your teacher.

Independent Exhibit Work


  • Work on your artifact, your second article annotation, or another aspect of your exhibit that is best accomplished outside of class.
  • Finish your second annotated article, as it is due in the next lesson.