Appealing To An Audience

Appealing To An Audience

Tenement Museum Exploration


Your teacher will guide you as you explore the Tenement Museum and demonstrate some key examples of the ways it is tailored to its audience.

An exhibit can build a connection with an audience by connecting with the audience’s preexisting knowledge or emotions and then building on that knowledge or connecting to those emotions.

  • In your museum exhibit team, look further into the exhibit and choose one key example of something else the exhibit does to connect with its audience.
  • Be prepared to share your example and impressions in the next section of the lesson.
  • Designate one group member who will do the sharing. It should be a member of the group who has not yet performed this duty unless you have all taken at least one turn.

Tenement Museum Class Discussion

Work Time

Share your example with the class along with your understanding of what it does to preserve something important for future generations.

Then participate in a Whole Group Discussion that touches on some of the following issues.

  • How does this exhibit connect with what you already know?
  • How does this exhibit help you learn more about what you already know?
  • How does this exhibit take something familiar to you encourage you to see it in a new way?
  • How will you provide opportunities for your audience to recognize familiar things so they can learn new things?

Work Plan 6

Work Time

Before you begin work, look at the next task and choose course of action. Write a plan for what you will do during the work session.

Write your responses to these questions.

  • Will you work together with other students? Who?
  • What do you plan to accomplish in the work session?
  • What are your highest priorities for the remaining Work Time?
  • What specific changes or additions will you make to your exhibit to help your audience connect to your materials?

Open Notebook

Artifact Development

Work Time

Follow your plan from the previous task.

  • If your teacher has assigned your group an additional artifact, you may wish to work on it during this time, as you will have to submit it in the next lesson.
  • If your teacher has not assigned your group an additional artifact, you will need to resubmit a revised version of your original artifact with revised placard text in the next lesson.
  • You may also choose to revisit any of the key aspects of a museum exhibit that you’ve learned about so far and refine your own exhibit in order to accomplish one of them more effectively.

Exhibit Status Update 6


Before the lesson ends, assess your work for the day by answering these questions.

  • With whom did you work?
  • What did you accomplish during the work session?
  • What specific changes have you made to your full exhibit today?
  • What specific work will you do on your exhibit during the one work session remaining?

Open Notebook

When you finish, submit your update to your teacher.

Independent Artifact Development


  • Depending on what your teacher has assigned, finish your new artifact and placard or revise your previous artifact and placard and be prepared to submit them tomorrow.