Exploring A Digital Native Exhibit

Exploring A Digital Native Exhibit

Preparation and Quick Write


Listen as your teacher explains how you will view and take notes on your peers’ exhibits.

  • In a Quick Write, jot down what you hope other students will notice about your team’s exhibit.

Open Notebook

Exhibit Exploration

Work Time

Spend some time interacting with other groups’ exhibits. This is an amazing opportunity to gather more perspectives and arguments on the issues raised in this unit. Make sure to see about half of the other teams’ exhibits during this time.

  • As you view the exhibits, fill out a separate Exhibit Worksheet for each one.

Museum Exhibit Worksheets

Work Time

WORK TIME Museum Exhibit Worksheets

Museum Exhibit Team 1

Museum Exhibit Team 2

Museum Exhibit Team 3

Museum Exhibit Team 4

Museum Exhibit Team 5

Exhibit Reflection, Part 1


  • Review your notes so far and write a Notebook entry describing the most enjoyable or intellectually challenging aspects of the exhibits you saw today.

Open Notebook

When you finish, share your writing with your teacher.

Exhibit Reflection, Part 2


  • Finish your Notebook entry from the previous task if you have not yet done so.

When you finish, share your writing with your teacher.