Digital Survival Skills Module 1: My Media Environment

Task 2: My Media Environment

Students examine their use of online platforms by analyzing their screen time and content of their social media accounts and feeds.

Materials: My Media Environment assignment directions & example | Devices that can access social media

1. Introduce the My Media Environment Assignment with the directions & example presentation.

  • In this assignment, students will create a 3-slide presentation that displays a snapshot of their use of online platforms and any patterns they noticed in content (Is it all jokes? Politics - leaning one way or the other? Personal updates from friends and family?). They will revisit this assignment at the end of the unit through the lens of their new knowledge about how online platforms work.

2. If students don’t use social media, they can do this assignment on the information sources they do use. For example, instead of looking at the top producers of their social media content, they could analyze the content on their most used news sources (print, online, tv, radio, friends and family).

3. Give students class time to work on the assignment. If students can’t access social media on campus, ask them to take screenshots of the most recent 20 posts in their feed to refer to in class or do this work at home.

4. Direct students to share their slideshow, in small groups or by posting to an online classroom space (Schoology, Google Classroom, etc). Optional: Students write about what was most and least surprising to them as they reviewed or discussed classmates’ presentations.