Survey & Discussion On Cheating

Survey & Discussion On Cheating

How Big a Cheater Are You?


How big a cheater are you?

  • Take the survey, How Big a Cheater Are You?

To the extent that you’re comfortable, discuss the results of the survey with a partner and then with the whole class.

The How and the Why of Cheating

Work Time

Read the article, “Stuyvesant Students Describe the How and the Why of Cheating.” As you read, annotate and summarize for the following questions.

  • What claims or assertions does the article make about students cheating at Stuyvesant?
  • What reasons and evidence support the author’s claims?
  • What is the author’s tone and attitude toward the subject?

Share your summaries and annotations with a partner and help each other clarify what is confusing or difficult.

Claims and Evidence

Work Time

Share and respond to your classmates’ ideas.

Take notes about the claims, counterclaims, reasons, and evidence that your classmates noted in the article. Create a Claims and Evidence chart and use to organize your ideas.

  • What do you notice about the organization of the article? How does the author organize the information?
  • What are the claims the writer makes? How does she support these claims?
  • What does the author say about widespread cheating at Stuyvesant?
  • What does the author say about teachers’ sympathy for students?
  • What does the author say about cheating increasing in upper grades?
  • What other claims does she make?

Claims About Cheating

Work Time

Consider what you’ve learned and discussed about cheating.

  • Write one or two arguable claims about cheating in school and whether or not it is justified.

Open Notebook

Submit them to your teacher.

Claims About Cheating


Discuss your claims about cheating with your classmates.

  • Begin by sharing your ideas about cheating in high schools.
  • Share the claims you have written and talk about how well you would be able to defend your claims.
  • Join your teacher and the class in finding one or two pieces of relevant evidence to support one claim.