Benchmark Assessment (Cold Write).

Character Introduction

Work Time

Throughout this unit, in addition to your character group, you will be a member of a community group that consists of one representative from each character group. You’ll share opinions, debates, and journal entries with your community group members to read and comment on. You will share and discuss with the same group members throughout the unit, though you will not spend much time working together in class.

  • Keeping in mind that you will be writing as your character, compose a character journal entry that introduces your character. Share it with your community group. Be sure to use evidence from the character synopsis you read in the last lesson to justify your response.

Open Notebook

Sharing with your community group will be a big part of your work this unit. Sometimes you will work on an entry in class, and sometimes you will have a specific entry to complete for homework. However, you should also write as you complete reading assignments, adding your character’s commentary on the events and conflicts of each chapter, and responding to other characters’ perspectives.