The Umuofian Justice System

Discussion Preparation

Work Time

In the next lesson, you will be participating in character in a discussion about Umuofian society. You will speak as your character, using the pronoun “I” and explaining your character’s perceptions and opinions.

At this time, your task is to prepare with your group members. Discussion Preparation 1 contains questions you may analyze in the first class discussion. For each question, write your answer from the point of view of your character . Then decide how you will back up your viewpoint. What evidence (quotations) can you find in the novel to support your character’s opinion? Finally, think about possible counterarguments: things others might say to refute your points. How would your character respond to these counterarguments?

  • Complete Discussion Preparation 1.
  • After you complete Discussion Preparation 1, list and answer any additional discussion questions that your group comes up with in your Notebook.

Open Notebook

If you finish, continue reading Things Fall Apart.