A Review On Authority & Control

A Review On Authority & Control

Successful Steps for Outsiders


Complete a Quick Write.

  • Imagine an outsider coming into a position of supposed authority. Think about a new principal in a school, a stepparent, a new coach or manager for a preexisting team, a new teacher, and so on. What are steps people can take to ensure that they are accepted and that their requests are followed?

Open Notebook

Share your response with your classmates.

Mr. Brown and Reactions to Christianity

Work Time

How does Mr. Brown convince people to follow him? And how do different groups or characters react to the growing presence of Christianity in Umuofia?

Follow along as your teacher begins reading and take notes on the following.

  • Evidence of the steps Mr. Brown takes to convince people to follow him
  • Evidence of different characters’ or groups’ reactions to Christianity
  • What you learn from the evidence

Open Notebook

Things Fall Apart, Chapters 20 and 21

Work Time

Continue the work you began with your teacher, completing a Dialectical Journal in which you analyze quotations that reveal the following.

  • Evidence of the steps Mr. Brown takes to convince people to follow him
  • Evidence of different characters’ or groups reactions to Christianity

Compare the quotations you found and inferences you made with your group members.

  • How do you think your character would describe Mr. Brown and the religion he has brought?
  • At this point in the novel, what would your character think about Okonkwo and his homecoming to Umuofia? Would your character see him as a hero, an interloper, a pretender, a threat? Or something in between?

Okonkwo?s Homecoming


Complete a character journal entry and share it with your community group.

  • Write a description of Okonkwo’s homecoming from the point of view of your character. Include both the facts of his homecoming as your character would have seen them, and your character’s opinion about Okonkwo and the disappointments he finds.

Open Notebook

Personal Journal - Entry #11 and Things Fall Apart


Complete another personal journal entry.

  • Remembering Okonkwo’s experience coming home to Umuofia after 7 years of exile, describe a time when something you had anticipated turned out to disappoint you. What had you been hoping for, and what did you find? How did you react to this setback—did you end up changing your expectations, or trying to change your circumstances? How do you think you compared to Okonkwo? Explain.

Open Notebook

Return to your community group’s entries and read through those from this lesson. Continue the conversation, commenting on at least one other entry or reply.

Read Chapters 22 and 23 of Things Fall Apart. Continue to add to your Personal Glossary as you read.