Grade 5 Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy Lesson (Online/Offline Adaptation)

Description and Link to Full Lesson

The Oregon Department of Education released this online and offline lesson adaptation, as a part of the Distance Learning for All Erin's Law Toolkit for Districts. The lesson is an Advocates for Youth Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) Fifth Grade lesson entitled Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy. The full lesson has been adapted by Mulnomah County Health Department to be more trauma-informed, more trans-inclusive, and to prompt more discussion about race and racism. This lesson focuses on the core sexuality education topics: Anatomy, Bullying and Abuse Prevention, Consent, and Boundaries, which are foundational to child abuse prevention education. 

Please see linked PDF below and in the resources library for full lesson content and online/offline instruction notes. 

Oregon Health Education Standards: HE.1.4.6, HE.1.4.11, HE.1.5.6, HE.1.5.12, HE.1.5.21, HE.3.5.4