Academic listening and note-taking skills for community college second language students

Basic lesson plan for each podcast episode

Resources you need to get started

  • The Finding your Place podcast
  • The "Finding your Place" educator's guide and transcript. You can find this in the "Teaching Resources" section. You will need it for your students so that they can read and listen at the same time.
  • The Cornell note-taking videos. You can find these in the "Teaching Resources" section. These videos are important. One of the hardest things to do as a second-language student is to listen and take effective notes.  

Basic lesson plan I used for each podcast episode

  • Prior knowledge skills: Before listening to any podcast, I tried to activate my students prior knowledge about the subject. Often, this was a class discussion about the topic. Students liked to compare the United States to their home countries. 
  •  Listening skills: We listened to the podcast as a class, pausing about every minute or so to do comprehension checks and allow them to take notes.
  • Reading skills: Next, we had students read  parts of the transcript out loud. Once the reading was through, we went back and defined words they didn't know.
  • Note-taking skills: Students used the Cornell note-taking method to take notes on the podcast episode.
  • Conversation skills: Finally, using their notes, students had one-on-one Zoom discussions with me about the podcast and how it applied to their own lives.