Project Planning

Project Planning

If I Were a Character in Things Fall Apart


Which character in Things Fall Apart has the most similarities to you? Complete the following sentence.

  • If I were a character in Things Fall Apart, I would be __, because __.

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Share your response with your classmates. What do you notice about their responses?

Planning Options

Work Time

Today’s task is similar to that of Lesson 18’s: you will be independently working through a variety of planning options to support your first steps in writing your own personal narrative.

  • Use My Planning Options on the next screen to brainstorm, collect ideas, and plan what details from your life you will use. Look through the different options and choose the ones that will work best for you.
  • You can also use your Notebook to brainstorm, map your ideas, and plan.

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You Have a Choice
In this class, you will sometimes have a choice of how you want to complete your assignments. You can choose to complete this task independently or with a partner.

Your Message


Complete a Quick Write.

  • Write one clear sentence that states the overall message you would like your readers to understand after reading your narrative.

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Share this with your teacher.

Your Personal Narrative


  • Begin writing a draft of your personal narrative.

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In the next lesson, you will continue working on this draft.

Gallery: My Planning Options