Personal Narrative (Draft)

Personal Narrative (Draft)

One Thing


What do you want your readers to come away understanding about you? Complete the following sentence.

  • One thing I want people to understand about me is __ and I plan to show that by __.

Open Notebook

Share your responses with your classmates.

Your Personal Narrative

Work Time

Choose a Work Time option, share your choice with your teacher, and get to work.

  1. Write, write, write: I have a good sense of what I need to accomplish and I will use all the time available to finish writing my first draft.
  2. Peer conference: I want to look through My Planning Options and draft with a classmate who can give me feedback and ideas as I continue writing my narrative.
  3. More planning: I am not 100 percent sure yet what I will be writing about or how I will structure my narrative. I want to spend some more time brainstorming, thinking, and planning before I continue writing my final draft. I will return to My Planning Options.



Looking through what you’ve written, what do you find to be the strongest phrases, sentences, or sections?

  • Identify any parts of your work that stand out to you as particularly evocative, well written, or important.
  • Why did you choose the sections you did? What are the greatest strengths of your draft so far?

Open Notebook

Your Personal Narrative


  • Finish the draft of your personal narrative. Try to build on the strengths you identified in the Closing.