Illustrating & Describing A Problem

Illustrating & Describing A Problem



For homework, you came up with some of Juvenal’s harshest examples of how parents set a bad example for their children. Share with the class the examples of invective you wrote about.

The harshest form of satire is sometimes referred to as Juvenalian satire .

  • Why do you think this is so?
  • How is tone relevant in distinguishing between different satires?

A Current Parenting Problem

Work Time

Work in pairs to complete the following tasks.

  • Write a description of a parenting problem Juvenal would be unhappy about today. That means you really need to focus on one problem in parent-child relationships today.
  • Then, come up with at least three examples, like Juvenal’s, that illustrate the problem. Be as concrete as you can, but don’t use real names!
  • Share your description and examples so others can comment on what you came up with, and you can take a look at theirs.
  • Provide feedback for each other’s creations, especially looking for Juvenalian qualities and concrete details that you find compelling, entertaining, or both.

Open Notebook

Class Response to Juvenalian Examples


Respond to the following questions with your classmates.

  • Which of your classmates’ examples were the most entertaining?
  • Would parents think they were entertaining?
  • Were there any that went too far—were especially harsh, or Juvenalian?

Once Upon a Time


Does anyone know, from social studies class or somewhere else, anything about apartheid or Nelson Mandela?

Your homework is to read and annotate “Once Upon a Time” by Nadine Gordimer. This story deals with the really horrible political situation that existed in South Africa just a few years ago.

As you read and annotate, consider these questions.

  • What makes this satire?
  • What makes it Juvenalian satire?
  • What connections can you draw between “Once Upon a Time” and current events?