Determining The Satirical Nature

Stock Character Cartoon

Work Time

It’s your turn now. You have read about and watched varied uses of stereotypes in modern television and film. You have also studied the use of stereotypes in traditional literature and considered how the authors toed the line between good-natured humor and outright mockery. You are now ready to consider the culture in which you participate every day and begin planning your own cartoons of a high school stock character.

  • Work with a partner to brainstorm ideas for a stock character in high school.

If you have time, you can agree on a stock character and begin creating a cartoon of the character. You will have about 15 minutes during the next lesson to work on your cartoon.

It’s your choice whether you’d like to make the character more than a caricature. The key, as with all satires, is to make your subject recognizable and familiar through your use of concrete details.