OSKB Roadmap

Welcome to the Open Scholarship Knowledge Base Roadmap!

Help people quickly and confidently learn and apply open scholarship practices.

What are we planning to do in our project? The OSKB Roadmap is a living document that shows where we are heading in the short term and long term. 

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TimeframeHigh Level MilestonesStatusLed by
Short term

Project planning

SIPS 2020 meeting submissions

Content audit

Communications (landing page, newsletter)

CompleteSubcommittees, COS staff, Contributors, Consultant

 Content organization for main topics

Design processes for content contributions, editing, and curation

CompleteSubcommittees, Contributors, Consultant
Medium termKnowledge base prototypeCompleteTech subcommittee, COS staff, Consultant
 Community contribution model prototypeCompleteSubcommittees, COS staff, Consultant
 Pilot, test, and improve prototypeCompleteSubcommittees, COS staff, Consultant
Long termKnowlege base launchCompleteSubcommittees, COS staff, Consultant
 Governance and sustainability plansCompleteGovernance subcommittee, COS staff, Consultant
 Translate content for main topicsTo doContributors