"Homeless Essay" and "The 1st" Poem and The Glass Castle

Close Read the Essay

Read the poem independently and annotate.

Annotation Choices:

1.  Use the attached TPCASTT organizer and fill in each box.

2.  Complete the following questions on a document or lined paper:

  • Who is the speaker? What is going on?  
  • Reread the title—why is it important   Is “Eviction” or “The 1st” a better title? 
  • What conflict is presented between the first stanza and the last stanza?  How does the mood change? What does the situation appear to be in the first stanza?  
  • Summarize the story being told in the first stanza.  Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  • What do you notice about the punctuation?  The capitalization (check out the letter i…)?  What does this tell you about what the poet is trying to say?  
  • What is the effect of the repetition in the last two lines?  What has been emptied? What does the word “emptied” mean?
  • What has probably happened between the first stanza and the second?  What has changed about the speaker in the second stanza?