Pre-K Apple Name Letter Review

Pre-K Apple Name Letter Review

Lesson Plan


Subject/DateTime PeriodLang Arts Small Group - Preschool
ObjectiveGOLD Standards16. Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet       a. Identifies and names letters 7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination     a. Uses fingers and hands
  • Big Apple papers “puzzles” with names of students and lines in between letters (made with construction paper)
  • Scissors (small and adaptive)
  • Glue sticks
  • Apple stems/leaves made with construction paper
Bulleted Plans (set, input, modeling, GP/IP, closure)Adaptations (considerations for all learners, UDL) and assessments (C4U) should be indicated

Set: GS - Do any of you recognize the words on this apple? They have names on them! (Students’ names, have students raise their hand when they see theirs and pass the paper apple to them).


"Pre-K Apple Name Letter Review " by Tayma Sebek is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Today we are going to make an apple puzzle with your name so we can start to learn letters of your name!Model cutting along the lines. C4U - Have students point to the lines where they will cut - hand out scissors when they point to the correct location 

  • Adaptation - Provide adaptive scissors as needed

Once students have cut their names out have them put the letters together so all of the edges match.      

  • HAB Adaptation - scramble letters so they have to put it together Have students identify the letters in name and count the letters.      
  • HAB Adaptation: Do not point to the letters in order, switch around

Once students put apples together and have identified letters have them glue the pieces together and glue the stems/leaves on 

  • Adaptation: model how to glue the pieces of paper.
AssessmentTeachers can create a quick checklist with all students' names and cross off the letters that they recognize in their name.
  • Note: GOLD standard for 3-5 Recognizes and names a few letters in own name Recognizes and names as many as 10 letters, esp
Teachers could record Anecdotal Records on ability to use scissors with or without support