Power Point over Police Shootings of African Americans

The Hate U Give Power Point Overview

Students will make a PowerPoint over their assigned police shooting case. The PowerPoint will do the following:  

(You have Keynote on your computer.)

1) The PowerPoint explains the facts of what happened that led up to the shooting. (This may be done through words and/or showing a video if one is available for the student's assigned person. Remember, everything the student says in their presentation should not be written on the PowerPoint. It is a guide. The PowerPoint will be presented in front of the class. Students need to be an expert on their case.

2)  The PowerPoint should explain why or why not the shooter (police officer) was charged with a crime. The PowerPoint should give the reasons why the police officer was or was not charged with a crime.

3) The PowerPoint explains if the student agrees with the decision made in the case. The student should give specific reasons why he/she agrees with the police officer being charged in the shooting or why he/she disagree with the police officer not being charged. If a student feels the police officer should have been charged or not charged, explain why (give specific reasons) the officer should have been charged or should not have been charged. 

4) The student's PowerPoint should also describe/show the reaction in the community in the days after the shooting, the reaction in the community after the police officer was charged or not charged with a crime, and the reaction in the community when the verdict was announced (if the officer was charged with a crime). 

5) The last slide of the PowerPoint should cite sources used in the  PowerPoint (MLA format with a Works Cited page). 

The PowerPoint should have at least ten slides. It must include photos or video or both. It should have limited text. When a student presents to the class, he/she should not be merely reading off their PowerPoint. That is boring! The presentation in front of the class should show that the student is an expert on their assigned case.