Storyboards (Peer Reviews)

Storyboards (Peer Reviews)

Peer Review Preparation


Get together with your group in preparation for today’s peer review.

  • Make sure your group’s storyboards are ready to be reviewed.

Peer Review

Work Time

Share your storyboards with another group, and consider their storyboards in return.

  • Is it clear what’s being satirized? If not, what suggestions can you make?
  • What do you like best about the storyboards?
  • What’s one thing that could make it better?
  • Is the satire entertaining or is there some other way it’s engaging? Remember, even Gordimer’s short story and “A Modest Proposal” had very imaginative elements.
  • What’s one satirical strategy that could really add to this satire?


Work Time

Take some time in your group to consider your peers’ comments.

  • What comments do you agree with?
  • How can you build your satire storyboards differently to incorporate the suggestions?

Satirical Video

Work Time

Continue working with your group.

  • Begin to record your satirical video.
  • Ask your teacher to schedule a conference with your group today or during the next lesson to review your video.

Status Report


Select someone from your group to give a status report to the class about your satirical video.

  • What has your group accomplished so far?
  • What does your group have left to do?

Favorite Part


Write a response to the following.

  • What’s your favorite part of your video at this point? What needs the most work?

Open Notebook

Submit your reflection to your teacher.