The Laws in Thebes

The Laws in Thebes

The Ending of Antigone


Engage in a discussion with your classmates about the ending of Antigone.

  • Clarify the events of the last part of the play.
  • What does the play say about the rule of law?

As the discussion comes to an end, revisit Justice: Take a Stand from Lesson 1.

  • Have you changed any of your positions after reading Antigone?

Discuss the changes you notice with your classmates.

Sympathies of Sophocles

Work Time

Complete a Quick Write.

  • Where do the sympathies of Sophocles lie, and how do you know?

Open Notebook

Share your response with your partner.

Then share your response with your classmates and join in a larger discussion:

  • What do you think was Sophocles’s purpose in writing the play?
  • Who was his audience?
  • How could the position he took be dangerous?

How Law and Social Class Shape Character

Work Time

Think about how the laws in Thebes have shaped the lives of the characters who live there.

  • Write an explanation in which you show how legal institutions and perspectives and status in society have shaped the life of one character, including possibly the character’s thoughts, actions, and identity.

Open Notebook

This writing will not be revised and edited at this point. However, it may be the start of a process for writing an essay due later in the unit.

After checking your work, submit your writing to your teacher.

Law and Social Status


Share two ideas with a partner.

  • One idea from your writing about how law shaped a character’s life
  • One idea about how a character’s social status shaped his or her life

Independent Reading


Continue your ongoing homework assignment.

  • Read your Independent Reading Group Novel.
  • Remember to submit two journal entries a week to your teacher and publish some of your journal entries so others can read your work.