Character Analysis Introduction (Peer Review)

Character Analysis Introduction (Peer Review)

Character Analysis Essay


How did you revise your essay?

  • Share with a partner the revised draft of your Character Analysis Essay.
  • Then talk about what and how you revised your draft with the whole class.

An Effective Introduction

Work Time

One effective way to introduce a topic is to begin with a broad, global statement—in this case, about social class or law—and move to a more narrow and specific thesis.

  • Look at this example of an effective introduction.

Character Analysis Essay Introduction

Work Time

Take time to write a new, alternate introduction to your Character Analysis Essay.

Follow this pattern.

  • Begin with ideas that are global, the broadest topic that your specific character fits into.
  • Introduce the literary work and character, and set context, giving enough information for the reader to understand.
  • Finally, write your thesis statement.

Though this model for introduction has three parts, the essay doesn’t necessarily have just three body paragraphs.

Two Introductions

Work Time

With a partner, review each other’s essays, focusing on the introductions.

  • Share both your original introduction and the alternate one.
  • Discuss which of the two introductions works better for your essay.
  • Take the opportunity to read the complete essay and comment about places in the essay that are particularly strong and places that may still be confusing.

More Revision

Work Time

Use the remaining time to confer with your partner about any of the comments made about your paper, and consider applying them.

  • Revise and make changes to your essay as necessary.
  • Decide which introduction is most effective.
  • Make final changes to your introduction.

Author?s Chair


Take part in an Author’s Chair.

  • Listen as some students share their introductions.
  • Consider sharing your own.

Then discuss how revising your introduction went.

Character Analysis Essay


Continue working on your Character Analysis Essay.

  • If necessary, finalize your introduction and make any other revisions to your essay.