Gonzalo’s Idea of An Eden-like Civilization

Gonzalo’s Idea of An Eden-like Civilization

Rights Violated


Each group’s reporter will share the group’s answers to the questions from the Closing of Lesson 2. As they do, write down each group’s response.

  • Who in The Tempest violates those rights?
  • Where in the play are the rights violated? (Which act, scene, and line?)

Open Notebook

Your teacher may call on your group to present evidence against a character who is guilty of violating the human rights of another. Remember to cite act, scene, and line numbers.

Act 2, Scene 1

Work Time

In your reading groups, review briefly what has happened in the play so far.

Begin reading and annotating act 2, scene 1 together. The focus here is on understanding what happens, not on acting out a part. Before beginning your reading, refer to the dramatis personae and read the short description of each character.

The following suggestions can help you decide how to proceed.

  • Take turns, changing the reader periodically.
  • Have one or two able readers read for your group.
  • Pause your reading periodically to discuss what happened.

Keep your voices soft so as not to bother the other groups.

Stop reading at the entrance of Ariel.

Act 2, Scene 1, Discussion

Work Time

At your teacher’s prompting, first review act 1 and then tell what you know about act 2.

During this discussion, clarify for yourself what happened in the first part of act 2, scene 1.

You might want to spend a little time on Gonzalo’s ideas, beginning at line 146.

Discuss the following questions.

  • What is the attitude of Gonzalo about the predicament they find themselves in?
  • What is Alonzo’s greatest concern?
  • Who is making fun of Gonzalo and Adrian?
  • What memory does Gonzalo bring up for Alonso?
  • Who does Sebastian blame for all his misfortunes?

Gonzalo?s Commonwealth

Work Time

Complete a Quick Write as follows.

  • Make a quick list of the features of Gonzalo’s ideas about an Eden-like existence on this island.

Share your answer with your reading group, and discuss what you think about Gonzalo’s ideas.

Act 2, Scene 1

Work Time

Finish reading and annotating act 2, scene 1. Note particularly what happens when Ariel puts everyone except Antonio and Sebastian to sleep.

  • What do the two men who are awake talk about?
  • What happens when Ariel wakes the others?

Act 2, Scene 1 Discussion


Discuss with your reading group what you understand about all of act 2, scene 1.

  • As a group, decide what one of the characters who was not in act 2, scene 1 would think about what transpired if she or he had been able to witness the scene.

Discuss your group’s response with the whole class.

Act 2


Finish reading and annotating act 2 on your own.

  • Note the difference in style of speaking when Trinculo and Stephano enter in act 2, scene 2. Think about what it means that Shakespeare doesn’t have these two speak in blank verse (poetic) lines.