Examining Characters Behavior

Examining Characters Behavior

The Epilogue


Complete a Quick Write in response to the following question.

  • In the epilogue, Prospero asks that he be granted freedom in the lines “But release me from my bands [bonds] / With the help of your good hands” and “As you from crimes would pardon’d be, / Let your indulgence set me free.” Who is free at the end of the play, and who is not?

Open Notebook

Discuss the ending of the play with your small group. Explain which of the characters is happy at the end and why.

Then share with the whole class your ideas, or those from your group, about the ending.

Ask any questions you have about the play.

Who Is Civilized? Essay

Work Time

Take most of the rest of the period to work on your essay.

  • Use your planning sheet and your detailed outline to add to your draft essay about civilized behavior in The Tempest.

Status Report


Send a status report to your teacher with responses to the following.

  • What are two things in the draft that work effectively?
  • To me, the most interesting idea in this paper is . . .
  • To me, the best-written part of the paper is . . .
  • What are some next steps with your writing?

Open Notebook

Who Is Civilized? Essay


Continue working on your essay.

  • Read over what you have written for the essay about civilized behavior in The Tempest . Make sure you have support for your ideas in the lines you cite from the play.

Complete a full first draft for Lesson 11.