French Level 4, Activity 08: Les parcs nationaux / National Parks (Online)

Activity Information

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National Parks / Les parcs nationaux 


In this activity students will practice presenting a French national park of their choice. They will also practice sharing their personal experiences and opinions with national parks.

Semantic Topics

Parks, national parks, environment, nature, french, parcs, parcs nationaux, l'environnement, français, les prépositions, prepositions, les adjectifs, adjectives


Parks, National Parks


Visiting natural wonders and outdoor recreational areas


France is protective of its national parks, of which there are many! France also has many different climates, so it is easy to find a variety of natural sites to visit.

NCSSFL-ACTFL World-Readiness Standards

  • Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations or correspondence in French to provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
  • Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret spoken and written French on a variety of topics.
  • Standard 1.3: Presentational Communication - Students present information, concepts, and ideas in French to an audience of listeners or readers.
  • Standard 3.2: Acquiring Information - Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through francophone cultures.

Idaho State Content Standards

  • COMM 1.1: Interact and negotiate meaning (spoken, signed, written conversation) to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.
  • COMM 2.1: Understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.
  •  COMM 3.1: Present information, concepts, and ideas to inform, explain, persuade, and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media in the target language.
  • CONN 2.1: Access authentic materials prepared in the target language by or for native speakers.
  • CONN 2.2: Analyze the content and cultural perspectives of authentic materials prepared in the target language by or for native speakers.

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements 

  • I can share my past experiences with national parks.
  • I can share my opinions about different national parks.
  • I can present information in French about national parks.

Materials Needed