Accessibility Hub for Human Services Trainers and Curriculum Developers

Accessibility General

Statement affirming UC's commitment to accessible electronic resources

In an effort to create training materials that are accessible to all of our valued trainers, colleagues, participants and staff, Human Services at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education has curated a vast array of guidance documents into this central "hub." It is our hope you will find this central hub helpful for quickly accessing the appropriate materials and acquiring the necessary skills to developm curriculum and training content that meets accessiblity requirements moving forward. 

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Accessibility Guidelines: University, State and Federal

These resources provide quick tips and an overview of some of the basics associated with creating accessible documents


Creating Accessible Documents (quick links)

These standalone resource pages provide detailed guides, walkthrough videos, samples and templates


Additional Tools and Resources


Human Services Instructor Webinar: ADA Compliance and Creation



Laws Relating to Accessibility: Chapter One: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


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