Multimedia Memoirs

Multimedia Memoirs

Self-Portrait Goals


Complete a Quick Write. Use the following sentence to state your goals for your self-portrait.

  • In my ideal world, my self-portrait would show ___ and would include ___.

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Then review the Self-Portrait Project with your teacher.

Multimedia Features

Work Time

Read through the example of a multimedia story with your teacher, looking closely at the different features.

  • What kind of thinking, planning, organizing, and creating do you think went into this work?

Self-Portrait Brainstorm

Work Time

At this point, you have thought a lot about what you want your self-portrait to reveal about you. Now your task is to clarify this message even further, and to begin brainstorming ways that the features available in a multimedia story can help you communicate this message.

  • Take some time to start filling in the Self-Portrait Brainstormer to help you think about possible chapters and resources you can include in your self-portrait.

Challenges and Questions


Complete a Quick Write to answer these questions about the work you have done in this lesson.

  • What is the most exciting part of creating a multimedia story? What do you think might end up being challenging?
  • Finally, what questions do you still have?

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Self-Portrait Materials


Your project will require that you do a lot of independent work to create the chapters and artifacts you want to include in your self-portrait. Now is a good time to start thinking concretely about what files you will need to gather or create.

  • Begin to list and compile the materials you will need.

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