Written Chapter Draft (Peer Review)

Your Written Chapter Peer Edit

Work Time

Work with a partner to peer edit your draft. Your feedback will focus on the areas of concern you have.

Take a moment to review the peer-editing protocol with your teacher and classmates. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them.

With your partner, follow the protocol to peer edit your draft.

  • Both partners briefly explain their chapters and present their questions or concerns.
  • Partners read each other’s work, reading particularly closely for the questions posed by the writers.
  • Partners identify the parts that seem to reveal something important about the writer.
  • Partners identify the parts that seem a little confusing or need more information.
  • Partners identify the parts that use particularly effective language.
  • Partners write a one-sentence summary of what they believe the chapter’s message to be and what they learned about the writer. Partners then write four to six sentences to answer the writer’s questions.
  • Partners converse, sharing their observations, feedback, and insights.

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