Types of Enhancements

Types of Enhancements

Artifacts for Your Written Chapter


Think back to the sample stories you looked at earlier in the unit. What were the various artifacts that provided more information for readers? Do you refer to anything in your written chapter that might need a little more explanation?

  • Brainstorm places in your written chapter that might require artifacts.

Open Notebook

Types of Artifacts

Work Time

The website-creation or portfolio platform that you’re using probably allows you to use artifacts such as texts, images, videos, audio, links, slideshows, and PDFs.

  • With your teacher, review each type of artifact that you can add to a website-creation or portfolio platform. Include more types of artifacts as appropriate to the platform you are using.

Be sure to ask any questions you have.

Work Plans for Your Artifacts

Work Time

Go through your written chapter, identifying places where you want to include artifacts.

  • Note in your chapter where and what the artifacts will be. When possible, compile notes that include the resource for the artifact (i.e., the web link, a timeline event, or a brief character description).
  • For resources that you will have to obtain later (such as images, documents, audio files, and so on), write a brief description of what you plan to include and then add a note about the resource to your Planning Calendar so you don’t forget.

Planning Calendar


Review your Planning Calendar. How are you doing? Have you achieved what you meant to up to this point? What adjustments do you need to make after today’s work?

  • Take a few minutes to revise your Planning Calendar so that it reflects the current status of your project needs and work.

Project Work


Keep working on your self-portrait.

  • Continue collecting artifacts for the various chapters of your self-portrait, checking off items on your Self-Portrait Checklist as you go.
  • Log your progress in your Planning Calendar.