Project Publication Process

Project Publication Process

Platform Topics


Review more of your observations about website-creation or portfolio platforms with your classmates.

  • Keep track of any questions you have or things that seem unclear about the instructions now that you are ready to build your own project.

Open Notebook

How to Import and Upload Files

Work Time

Take some time to explore how to import and upload files to the website-creation or portfolio platform.

  • Follow along as your teacher models how to import and upload various kinds of files to the website-creation or portfolio platform.
  • Make sure your questions are answered through the demonstration. If they have not been, ask the class.

Project Work

Work Time

Begin to build your self-portrait.

  • Import and upload files to the website-creation or portfolio platform.
  • Keep track of any tips or tricks you discover that you can share with your classmates.

Project Progress


  • Update your Planning Calendar to reflect your accomplishments of the day.

Then, discuss these questions with your class:

  • What is straightforward about using this platform? What is difficult?
  • What issues are currently unresolved?
  • What did you discover that you think might be helpful to your classmates?

Project Work


Keep working on your self-portrait.

  • Continue importing and uploading files to your project.
  • If you are behind, finish creating, editing, and organizing your chapters and your artifacts.
  • Log your progress in your Planning Calendar.