Figurative Language





Read the link to help you understand hyperboles/exaggerations.

Important:  A hyperbole is a basic exaggeration made into a more outlandish statement, putting more emphasis on what is being said. A hyperbole is an exaggeration that CANNOT happen.

Read the link to help you determine how adage and proverb can slightly differ.  However, most people view them as one and the same.


Hyperbole - Read the following link to better understand hyperboles.  Important:  Adage and Proverb link for additional explanation.

Watch this video of music clips that use different types of literary devices. 

Click here to watch a video of movie clips containing figurative language. 

Read here for more adages and proverbs, along with a brief history of them. Check this out.

Adages and Proverbs “Do”

Click here to determine the meanings of different adages and proverbs.  An answer key is provided.


Click here to design your own hyperboles when given basic phrases.  An answer key is provided.



Practice sheet with key