Clusive Lesson: Tom Sawyer, The Glorious Trickster

Engage: tricksters in tales

Warm-up activity:

Tricksters are characters (often animals) in stories. Tricksters play tricks on other characters, and may be portrayed as a villain, a hero (when helping others), or even a self-indulgent clown. Sometimes, tricksters even have the magical ability to transform.

Read or watch the resources to learn about TRICKSTERS.

As you read and watch, use the Trickster Tales: Cause and Effect Organizer to note

  • tricksters and fools
  • events in the stories
  • causes of the events

Drawing of a spider, Ananci, with a lion and antelope
How Ananci outwitted Lion 


Screen capture of cover of Aesops Fables

1. In Clusive, go to our Class Readings.

2. Search for Fables, by Aesop

3. Go to the Table of Contents and read "The Bat and the Weasels"


When you have looked at these resources, get ready to discuss these questions:

  • Who is the trickster?
  • How did the trickster change?
  • What was one EFFECT?
  • What was the CAUSE?
  • What do tricksters USE to be successful?
  • Are tricksters doing good for themselves? for others? When?
  • What are the characters' values?
  • How do trickster characters speak? How does that connect with how they act?

What did you learn about tricksters? What makes a character a trickster? What makes a character the 'fool'?

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