Clusive Lesson: Tom Sawyer, The Glorious Trickster


Screen capture of Clusive version of Tom Sawyer

Now we will dig into The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Chapter II (2): The Glorious Whitewasher


Then independently or in small groups you will do:

  •  Reading task:

    • Re-read the chapter

  • Gather Evidence task: 

    • use Clusive Highlight & Notes

      • Highlight evidence for when you see a Trickster or a Fool.

      • Use the Notes to explain how that character is a trickster or fool, including the EFFECT and CAUSE.

  •   Vocabulary task:

    • Use the Vocabulary lookup tool to identify the meaning of key words in the passage with dictionary tools and context clues.

  • Reactions check-in (independently):

    • Use the Reaction tool in Clusive to note your feelings and your current learning.

  • Discussion task:

    • Compare and contrast the tricksters you know about and have learned about with Tom Sawyer.

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