Auto Liability Insurance 101

Who Needs Liability Insurance?

The short answer - anyone who drives a vehicle.  Most of us who have a car have an auto insurance policy but many people dont know exactly how it protects them.  In this lesson we will guide you through the basic purpose and coverage in a standard auto policy.

It would be fair to say that not everyone has a positive view of insurance.  If you are driving in this country you NEED to have auto insurance it by law (in most states.)  Even though we have to carry it, there are many examples of people who never get into an accident or make a claim. 


Consider this:

  • Have you been in a car accident before?  If so, what emotions would you use to describe that experience?
  • In addition to repairing or replacing your car, what are some other things you might need coverage for in an accident?


Car accidents can be devastating, and in my 20+ years of working in the field I have spoken with many policyholders who were hurt or who have lost family matters in a crash.  It is a humbling and powerful experience to be able to help them through that terrible time, and they will need your expertise to obtain peace of mind.  In addition to the customer's own losses, they may have also caused damage or injuries to others.  So, the first part of the policy you are going to explore is liability coverage.