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Complex Fractions

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Complex Fractions

A complex fraction is a fraction whose numerator and/or denominator contain fractions. Here are some examples of complex fractions:


473 2358

You can change a complex fraction to a regular fraction by multiplying it by 1 in a form that “clears” the fractions.


You can use this idea to divide fractions.

Consider the problem 34 ÷ 56.

  1. Write the division problem as a complex fraction.

  2. Multiply the complex fraction by 1 in a form that will clear the fractions in the numerator and denominator, giving a regular fraction. The result is the solution to 34 ÷ 56.

  3. Use multiplication to check that the result from Part 2 is the solution to the division problem.

  4. Use the complex fraction method to find 213 ÷ 12. (You will need to write 213 as a fraction.)