"HUILA´S CULTURE” Universidad Surcolombiana

"HUILA´S CULTURE” Universidad Surcolombiana

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Universidad Surcolombiana



Names of Student Teacher:                                                                                                CODES:

KAREN YULIETH CASTRO PEÑA                                                                              20191179574

CAREN TATIANA GUTIERREZ PERDOMO                                                               20182172940

ALEJANDRO MORENO SOLANO                                                                              20191180802

KHRISTIAM JOHAN CHARRY CLAROS                                                                    201911177904

BRAJEAN ANDRÉS CHAUX                                                                                       20181169857

Date: December 16th,  2021Time & Length of class: 1:45 hours
Achievement:-Recognizes general and specific information about the region of Huila and general culture of it.National Standard:

Lesson objectives:

2.1 General objective

  • Motivate, encourage and create awareness in students from eleventh grade about the importance of a sense of belonging and love to the Huila's culture.

At the end of the class Students will be able to:

2.2 Specific objectives

  • To instruct students about the history of Huila and its importance.
  • To teach students the different and special types of food in Huila.
  • Encourage students to know more about places that are not commonly known in Huila.
  • Get students to know about the different flags of Huila’s municipalities.
  • To spread the different kinds of celebrations and festivities in some of the towns and cities inside of Huila's territory.
At the end of the class Students will be able to:Recognize the different kinds of food, flags, history, and touristic places of the department of Huila.
Resources and materials:Gartic phone: https://garticphone.com/esPPT game (true or false)PPT game (who wants to be a millionaire)

Skills Focus:


Language Focus:ENGLISH
Foreseeable Problems:Planned Solutions: 


4. Activities:



10 MINPREICE BREAKING: Before starting the class, students are going to practice in the “gartic phone” activity. They need to type different Huila's places, monuments, typical foods among other characteristic things of Huila. Once all the students are done with the sentences, they will start drawing and guessing their partners' sentences.Additionally, after the first practice, we will prepare a true or false activity to get an idea and reinforce the previous knowledge students have about general Huila's culture. https://garticphone.com/esStudent-studentTeacher-student
60 MINWHILETo begin the class, we are going to play a short video about Huila's history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K27hrxY33z8Students need to take notes and pay attention. After the video we are going to summarize the different ideas given by the video:(5mins).Continue the class with an activity in Genialy that is going to test the information given before. Martian Game. (5mins) https://view.genial.ly/61a971b4b367380d5c07d5a7/interactive-content-quiz-marcianitosGastronomy: Teachers will give information about some typical food of the department. Then, some open questions will come, where Students practice their speaking skill. (ppt presentation, 10 mins.) Activity(speaking) in powerpoint about gastronomy of Huila(Some questions).Then, teachers will talk about some tourist places around the department, giving specific information about the municipalities where they are located. (20 mins.)Activity in educaplay with memory cards to match the name of the municipalities and their flags. (10 mins)  https://es.educaplay.com/recursos-educativos/11016904-huila_s_culture.htmlActivity in kahoot of the celebrations in each municipality of Huila. ( https://kahoot.it/challenge/?quiz-id=e34aa064-7346-4303-8896-06bd89957b30&single-player=true) (10 mins) Teacher-studentIndividual workTeacher-studentTeacher-studentTeacher-studentTeacher-studentTeacher-studentStudent - student
20 MINPOSTIn this final part, the professor will choose some students randomly. Those students will share with the class what aspects they found most interesting in the class. By answering the questions below:
  • Jamboard activity (open question) (select and pick some touristic place and students will write characteristics about them. (10 mins.)
  • Fill the gaps. Students will make an individual activity (CALL)that will reinforce the information discussed in class.(10 mins)
Student-studentIndividual work
 ASSESSMENTSECTIONTo conclude the class, the students will play a Who wants to be Millionaire game in order to reflect on what they have learned. (15 mins)Teacher-student