Reading Specialized Texts: The Vocabulary of Mathematics

The Vocabulary of Mathematics - Practice Exercises

Reading Specialized Texts:  The Vocabulary of Math


Practice Exercise 1

For each of these words, explain the meaning in a non-math context and in a math context. 


A.    Divide – (non-math context)

      Divide – (math context)


B.    Prime – (non-math context)

      Prime – (math context)


C.  Positive – (non-math context)

      Positive – (math context)


D.  Multiply (non-math context)

      Multiply (math context)


E.  Integral (non-math context)

     Integral (math-context)



Practice Exercise 2

For each of these words, explain its meaning in a math context.  Use the designated resource to come up with your answer.  

A.  Fraction (guess)—

B.  Integer (dictionary)—

C.  Factor (internet)--

D. Infinity (math textbook)—

E. Binary Number System (ask someone)—


Practice Exercise 3

1.  Write a paragraph about the words googol and googolplex, what they represent mathematically, and why they are relevant.

2.  Write a paragraph explaining how you gathered the information that allowed you to write the first paragraph.