'Foreman' Role for Group Projects

'Foreman' Role for Group Projects

Assigning students particular roles can be an effective way to organize groups and simulate job site communication.  Assigning a ‘foreman’ for groups in an agriculture education classroom helps to distribute responsibility among group members and ensures accountability for all students’ participation. As students practice assuming greater responsibility, they can develop new skills. Designed by Donald Fowler.


2023 Nebraska Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Learning Standards:

AFNR.HS.10.1.a Demonstrate personal responsibility in the workplace and community.

AFNR.HS.10.2.a Model personal responsibility and demonstrate safety in the workplace and community.

AFNR.HS.10.3.b Model proper management of teams and large groups.

AFNR.HS.10.4.c Demonstrate workplace characteristics that contribute to a positive morale and workplace environment.

AFNR.HS.10.5.c Communicate using strategies that ensure clarity, logic, purpose, and professionalism in formal or informal settings.


Learning Goal:  Students will delegate effectively and demonstrate workplace responsibility as they participate in role assignments with peers and contribute to group work.


Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash