3rd-5th Grade Career Exploration Unit

3rd-5th Grade Career Exploration Unit


Unit Objective(s): 

  • Expose students to a variety of careers.

  • Answer the question, “How do people find their careers?”

  • Students will have new ideas for career pathways.


Unit Outline:

Lesson 1: How do people find their careers?

Objective: Students will determine desired traits for a future career.


Lesson 2: What careers am I interested in?

Objective: Students will find three careers that interest them.


Lesson 3: What might my life look like?

Objective: Students will research one of the three careers and complete a research and visualization activity.


Note: Teachers and students will need to have a Nepris account.


Full lesson is attached.


Project funded by PGE Foundation. #PoweringPoential. Project coordinated by South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership, Summer 2022.