Remix Template to Support Teachers in Customizing Pathways Project Activities

Remixing Digital Humanities & Authentic Materials into Pathways Project Activities 

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Pathways Project Digital Humanities / Authentic Materials Index

  1. Think…
  • What authentic materials or DH sites can connect to my unit theme?
  • What types of pre-during-post literacy activities could help make the materials (texts) I found more comprehensible for students?
  • They will eventually do the Pathways interpersonal speaking activity (above); are there linguistic or cultural elements I can anticipate in the ways I integrate the materials or design activities?


  1. Start brainstorming below

DH/Authentic Materials Sites
You can select more than one! Include the link below and add a 1-sentence description

Activities to Guide Comprehension

Go to this thinglink or use interpretive communication activities that work for you


Pre Activities:


During Activities:


Post Activities:


Almost done! Briefly describe how the remixed materials and activities connect to the Pathways interpersonal speaking activity







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