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What is an OER Commons Hub?

A Hub is a customizable, branded resource center on OER Commons where a network of users can create and share collections, administer groups, and share news and events associated with a project or organization.

Projects, districts, states, and open initiatives make use of Hubs to bring groups of educators together to create, organize, and share OER collections that meet their common goals. A Hub would be the right fit for your organization if you wish to curate and collaborate around OER that is shared with the wider OER Commons audience.

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Content Curation and Library Services

ISKME works with organizations to design Hubs that resonate with their intended audience and help their organizational goals. Organizations can develop Groups and Collections on their own, adhering to the OER Commons guidelines, or can work with ISKME’s team of digital librarians to develop content collections.

If an organization has an existing collection they would like to add to the Commons and highlight on their Hub, ISKME can provide bulk import workflows.

Organizations can rest assured that the resources found on their hub have been vetted and reviewed by ISKME’s digital librarian staff.


Sharing happens between people. Groups provide a connecting point for this sharing, a center where users can gather to discover, recommend and collaborate on resources and ideas. Groups are flexible, in both structure and function. From small-scale study groups to district-wide open curriculum organization and approval systems, our Open Education Experts can help you find or create the group to fit your needs.

LTI Integrations

Learning Management Systems have become an increasingly important aspect of education. ISKME understands this and has developed an LTI tool that can interface with numerous LMS.

The LTI experience can be limited to resources found within a Hub or a Group.

Interested in accessing OER Commons through your LMS? Please fill out our LTI questionnaire.

Hub Activity Reports

With a Hub, an organization can not only aggregate OER, Groups, and tools in a single place, but can also track usage. Hub administrators can use data analytics to measure usage across Groups, users, and resources to understand which OER is resonating with their users and which Groups or Members are most active.