Constructing a Paragraph


Students will learn to construct a paragraph using an organizational strategy (TIQA-TIQA-C) and apply that strategy as they write about and characterize the protagonist in Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game." 


Topic sentence: The topic sentence is the subject of the paragraph and includes the central idea and the thesis point.

Introducing quotation: Put the quote or textual support into context by explaining the situation and/or who’s speaking.

Quotation: Include a quote or evidence from the text.

Analyze: Explain to the reader the importance of the quotation and how this evidence supports your topic sentence. Don’t say “this quotation shows” or similar phrases

TRANSITION to the next point and repeat IQA.

Clincher Sentence: Reword the Topic Sentence. 


  1. Students read "The Most Dangerous Game." 
  2. Students annotate the text looking for specific actions by Sanger Rainsford, the protagonist, that help him to survive being hunted by General Zaroff, the antagonist.
  3. After highlighting  significant actions by Rainsford, Students will categorize each one by the trait that each action reveals. 
  4. Next, students will narrow their choices to one dominate trait that is crucial for his survival and the textual evidence that supports their choices. (They may need to return to the text for additional evidence.)
  5. Students complete the pre-writing outline. 
  6. Students compose a paragraph explaining the trait with textual support following the TIQA-TIQA format and proper MLA documentation. 


Download: TMDG Vocab_1.doc

Download: The Most Dangerous Game TIQA-TIQA Paragraph.docx

Download: Rainsford Paragraph.docx

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