Tallest Tower Teamwork Activity, with LEGO Bricks


Towers of LEGO bricks made by students as part of teamwork activity.

Sample Results
Towers of LEGO bricks made by students as part of teamwork activity.

Photo showing 5 different towers made out of LEGO bricks, on display side by side. Each tower varies in height and construction because each was made by a different group of students as part of a teamwork activity.

Small teams build towers out of LEGO bricks -- with some caveats to challenge their teamwork &/or creativity.



  • 2-5 individuals per group
  • randomly assigned or deliberately mixed (mix of learning styles, or mix those who don't usually work together)


  • A nearly-identical collection of misc. LEGO bricks for each group (about 70 bricks of various sizes, see *** for an example "mini-kit")
  • Ample, clear, stable desktop or tabletop space for each group
  • Timer (with alarm/buzzer/bell) or highly visible clock
  • Optional: a large, flat tray (cookie sheet or cafeteria tray or box lid) for each group, to contain LEGO pieces while working, to avoid spills/loss


  • ~15 minutes total, minimum
  • Add 10 minutes for each repeat with variations
  • Reserve 5 minutes for debrief and cleanup


  1. Do not start building until given the "lego" signal.
  2. You will be given a limited time ([__] minutes) to build, you must stop building when given the "stop" signal.
  3. Your objective is to build the tallest free-standing tower possible.
  4. Everyone in your group must participate.
  5. You must use only the LEGO pieces you are given. (may not share/trade/give/steal)
  6. If your tower falls, you may start over, but you will not be given extra time.
  7. The only other rule(s) you must follow is(are)...
    [choose one or more of the Rule Variations below]
  8. Wiggle your fingers in the air to show you are ready to build. Ready...set...LEGO!
  9. [Give 5-10 minutes for each building activity.]

Rule Variations

  • Each of you must take turns adding bricks to the tower; 1 brick per person per turn. No touching bricks when it is not your turn.
  • You may not talk.
  • Each of you must keep one hand behind your back at all times.
  • One person in the group may not touch the LEGO pieces, and the others may not talk.
    [or vice-versa][Teacher/facilitator decides who; pick the most grabby one of the group.]
  • If your tower falls over, you will automatically lose. Build so your tower doesn't fall over!
  • If anyone drops a piece (or knocks a piece so that it falls), that piece must be removed ("out of play") for the rest of the activity.
  • You will have only 1 minute to build.
  • You are allowed to share pieces. [Say no more. This could potentially result in the whole class building one large tower together, but don't give away that option.]

Closure, Debrief

  • We're going to reflect on this activity now. Let's keep our comments positive, please. The point of this activity was to have fun and learn about teamwork.
  • Look around at other towers. What do you notice?
  • Those who made the tallest tower: What was your strategy?
  • Did anyone see or hear any creative ideas?
  • Did anyone see or hear great examples of teamwork?
  • What were the hard parts of this activity?
  • Thinking back on what you did, how could you have been a better teammate? Share these thoughts with your group.
  • Please put the LEGO sets back in order, and check the area for lost pieces. Thank you!


  • Give awards/recognition for:
    • tallest tower
    • best teamwork
    • most perseverance
    • most creative, etc.
  • Make simple little LEGO "trophies" or "plaques" for awards.
  • Take photos of each group with their tower &/or awards.
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