Level 1 - Weather Lesson

Chicago Seasons by Ryan Kapp
four-seasons.jpgChicago Seasons by Ryan Kapp

Lesson length - 3 hours

Level of student - beginning


          a.       Students will be able to use adjectival weather words both orally and in writing using the construction “It is __________”.

          b.      Students will be able to correctly use ‘in’ or ‘on’ in the following constructions:

                            o   In March, it is snowy.

                            o   In winter, it is snowy.

                            o   On Monday, it is snowy.

          c.       Students will identify weather and weather-related attire from flashcard pictures.

Prerequisite knowledge:

         ·         Days of the Week

         ·         Months of the Year

         ·         Seasons

·         Simple present of BE

Lesson Plan

Download: Weather Lesson Plan.docx

Month & Season Word Search (class set)

Download: Word Search.pdf

Or go to the following link and print enough for your class: http://esl-galaxy.com/wordsearches/seasonsmonths.pdf

Weather & Clothes Handout (class set)

Download: weather clothes handout.docx

Weather & Clothes flashcards(class set)

Download: weather and clothes flash cards.docx

Days of the Week and Weather (teacher copy for projection)

Download: day of week and weather.docx

Writing about Weather (class set)

Download: Writing about Weather.docx

Weather Picture Cards (teacher copy)

Download: Weather pic cards.docx

Weather BINGO

Download: Bingo weather_1.pdf

Final Assessment/Review

Download: Weather.ppt

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