Survey of American Literature: Eng 254 (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Unit 1, 1855ish-1890ish, Realism: Melville, Harding Davis, Twain
Guided Discussion Questions, Survey of American Literature, Primary texts, Essay Assignments
Unit 2, 1880-1900, Naturalism: Bierce, Crane, London
Unit 3, 1892-1898, Women's Voices: Gilman, Chopin, Tarbell
Unit 4, 1896-1903, African-American Voices: Dunbar, Washington, DuBois
Unit 5, 1905-1910, Capitalism and War: Sinclair, Norris, James
Unit 6, 1914-1945, Three Big Boys of Modernism: Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Hemingway
Unit 7, 1937-1955, More African-American Voices: Wright, Hughes, and Baldwin
Unit 8, 1954-1968, Civil Rights Movement: MLK, Malcolm X, Hardwick
Unit 9, 1963-1970s, Women's Movement: Friedan, Rich, Steinem
Unit 10, 1974, Obedience: Milgram
Unit 11: Research Paper Assignment: Critical Overview
Unit 12: Movements in American Literature
Unit 13, Personal Essay Assignment: Legacy of the American Dream


This is a free online college course which is a chronological survey of American Literature from the Civil War to 1974. The Word documents include a syllabus and course outline, handouts and exercises preparing students for college-level academic work, discussion questions, homework assignments, overviews of movements, reading quizzes, exams, and essay assignments. Instructors are encouraged to modify any and all files in this resource.